There’s nothing like getting out in nature!

Getting out in nature is not something I do very often. It’s not that I don’t want to, I just get busy with work and kids. I don’t get much spare time but when I do I often become a bit of a hermit. I relax on the lounge, write my blogs and books whilst watching Netflix. On Saturday I went on a bushwalk with a friend. We began the walk at 10:45am and finished about 3:00pm. When we arrived back to the picnic area we had afternoon tea. My friend and I both enjoy photography, we stopped and took many photos along the way. The walk went in a loop and about half way around we stopped for lunch. It was good to have some time out in nature, with good company and to have some time away from social media and our busy lives. I was sick all last week but pushed myself to go to work. Although the walk was a long one with some steep, rocky parts, I think it was still good for my wellbeing, even if had been unwell. I’ve actually been inspired to get out in nature more. Other than being good for our wellbeing, it’s good exercise and an opportunity for me to take photos.  I think I’ve been inspired to get out in nature more often.

Monday I had the day off work. I have been sick for most of this year and Monday morning my whole house hold slept in. That means all four kids also slept in and we woke up ten minutes before I was supposed to leave for work. It would be great if they actually slept in on weekends, lol. I was still really run down so I decided to take the day off work. It was a kid free day because the older two were at school and the younger two were at preschool. I have really needed to have some sick days recently but  pushed myself to go to work. I really needed  to recover from being sick and also get myself in a better emotional space. My emotional journey  is another blog, lol.  I actually went and got a massage, I was so sore. The muscles in my whole body were like broken up concrete, I’ve had this a lot lately. I went to the chemist to get a puffer and a preventer puffer, whilst I was there I bought some espom salts. Before leaving the shops I bought myself some Chinese soup because soup is supposed to be good for you when you are unwell and I love Chinese. When I arrived home I put some relaxing music on and had an Epsom bath. After my bath I did a mini meditation and had a nap. Other than that I relaxed on the lounge, went through some of the photos I took and wrote a couple of blogs on my laptop. If you are interested in seeing some of the photos I took on my bushwalk then click here.


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