Isn’t it Ironic

We all know Alanis Morisettes ‘Ironic’ song well. I have days where it feels the song is about my life. Traffic jams when I’m already late or an empty tank of petrol. Every day at work it may not be ten thousands spoons when all you need is a knife but it definitely is ten thousand forks when all you need is a spoon. I don’t think irony is the only issue for me. I think it is little bit of irony combined with being over tired and stressed, which results in having brain freeze.  They do say that once you have baby brain you always have it. The past couple of days has had a bit of both. Well maybe more brain farts. It was only yesterday I had to break into my own house because I locked my keys inside. I mentioned in a previous blog that I so far had only used my camera for photos of the kids and family events. So I have finally begun to experiment with photography of scenery and interesting objects. My camera has so many functions that I look forward to learning about.  Yesterday I went to Umina beach, it was a beautiful day, perfect for taking some photos. I took my camera along and of course the battery was flat because I had forgotten to charge it. Oh well no big deal, it was still a good day with my two eldest girls. They played at the park, we walked on the beach and had afternoon tea at the beach kiosk.

On the way home I stopped at Bunnings because I had to pick up some shears to do some gardening with and get some wood for the kids cubby house. I also had a purchase order to pick up some things for work . I spent two hours there and the kids were stir crazy. Then I had trouble fitting everything in the car. I had to get the girls to squish in to the seats in the middle. They have the larger car seats in the back row and my younger two have smaller seats in the middle. I put one of the back seats down, two would have been better but there was too much stuff in the way as well as the car seats. Almost everything was in except for the big square piece of wood for the cubby. I had trouble getting it in and was beginning to think I might have to leave it behind. I finally managed to get it in. Note to self, next time I plan to do a big Bunnings shop, go with out the kids, take the car seats out and put both back seats down before I try to put anything in.

Today I bought some Homyped thongs so my feet are better supported. I have always had a tendency to get sore arches and have really been noticing it lately because I’ve been wearing cheap, flat thongs. I found some but they were sixty nine dollars which I thought was expensive. I know Homyped shoes are usually expensive for shoes but last tine I bought thongs it was a couple of years ago and  I bought two pairs that were $35 each. I decided to buy the sixty nine dollar thongs because I needed to wear them asap. The bottoms of my feet were aching. I immediately took my old thongs off, threw them in the rubbish bin and put my new ones on. Before leaving the shops to go home I was going to pick up some dinner. I was walking past the chinese take away and stopped to have a look. I decided to buy the oyster chicken and Mongolian lamb for. I went to get some money out of the ATM and then returned to the takaway shop. I opened my purse to get the money out and it wasn’t there. I searched my whole purse and bag and still could not find the money. I went back to the ATM and the money wasn’t there either I looked at a mini statement on the atm and the $20 had been withdrawn. Damn, I must have left the money at the ATM and some one else must have taken it. I decided to buy a BBQ chicken instead, which which probably was a better option for me considering I’ve been having a lot of IBS trouble. As I was about to go to the car park, I walked past a Chemist that has a clearance sale on Homyped shoes. The thongs were $25.95 and the shoes $39. I could have bought 2-3 pairs for the same price. Oh well, there was not much I could do. My old thongs were in the bin and I was already wearing the new ones. ;

Little moments like this are a bit of a nuisance at the time, but they are something to laugh about. As they say ‘laughter is good medicine’. It is good to be able to laugh at ourselves and I believe a healthy thing to see things in a positive light. Everything happens for a reason and the only thing that makes anything negative is our attitude. . I am just thankful I had a good day at the beach with the kids yesterday, bought the things I needed from Bunnings and now have new thongs.

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