Our Best is Good Enough

IMG_20180225_102114_HDR.jpgI quite often give my kids food like this. It is great for morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. If it is for a snack then they may also have a muesli bar or a mini muffin. Small BBQ chicken pieces or ham if it’s lunch. Fish, sausage or chicken and small amount of rice, pasta of mash potato if it’s dinner. They seem to eat more when they have some choices and are able to serve themselves. This is a photo from morning tea from a few weeks ago. tonight’s dinner platter had cucumber, tomato, apple, carrot, strawberry, raspberry and tasty cheese cubes.

For the last couple of days I’ve had stomach pains and have been going to the toilet a lot. I’ve been quite cranky and tired. Today it occurred to me that I’m not well and probably have some sort of gastric bug. Sorry for too much information. I just had to have a nap today while my younger too climbed all over me and made a mess of the house. After picking my elder two girls up from school, I just didn’t feel like cooking, so I came home via Maccas. I feel my eating standards have really gone down since having kids. I bought a double fillet o fish meal and a 24 nugget special. Take away is ok once in a while but I feel I probably choose unhealthy options more than I would like to. I have this inner conflict between the really healthy me who has studied nutrition and the exhausted me that doesn’t have the energy and motivation. I think it is a probably a common thing for  busy Mum’s to feel this way but I think as long as we are doing our best and generally eat well then there’s nothing to worry about. I made a compromise with myself, the exhausted, unwell me bought McDonalds and the healthy me made up the little platter with some fresh fruit, veggies and cheese cubes. They had water as their drink. The kids had to eat all their healthy food before they were allowed any chips. Then the large chips is usually divided up between everyone including myself. That way we all get some chips but not too many. Today my eldest gave out the chips and she very carefully made sure each child had exactly 10 chips. She put 1 on each plate, then 2, 3 right up until she reached 10. For me I got my gluten-free wraps out of the fridge, put some mayonnaise on it and some shredded beetroot, kale and carrot. Yes I know gluten free wraps with filet o fish defeats the purpose because it has crumbs made from wheat. I’m not coeliac but I am intolerant and at times bloat, get cramps and constipation. No wheat is probably better for me but I can be ok sometimes with little amounts. I’m sure my tummy bug combined with what I ate will be great for my stomach (not) 🙂

My six-year-old asked ‘Mummy why can’t we drink coke’ and I said ‘because it’s unhealthy and full of sugar, but my drink is diet coke, which doesn’t have sugar. She then said ‘so does that mean we can drink it if it doesn’t have sugar’? I explained ‘no it’s still bad for you because it’s has really bad chemicals in it.’ That was when she asked me ‘why can you drink it if it’s bad for you’? Good question! I told her I should be drinking it either and I don’t drink it much any more, but when your a big person sometimes is ok. Since I went on my detox I mainly drink water, coconut water and herbal tea, so I don’t need to be too hard on myself and even if I was drinking a lot of diet coke, then it’s still not good to be hard on yourself.

I should be happy because it was a win, win. Every one ate which is most important that we are all fed and  I didn’t have to cook. The kids were stoked because they got some Maccas and I was felt good because they ate some healthy food. Sometimes foods such as takeaway are perfectly fine to have as sometimes foods. Our eating habits are just one of the millions of things that I can over think and  be too hard on myself about As Mums. I think we can be way too critical and judgemental of ourselves. It often feels like we’re expected to be super Mum. Maybe we also put that pressure on ourselves but we’re not superhuman and that’s ok. It doesn’t matter what any one else thinks. We get tired, sick, stressed and cranky at times. We’re only human just like every body else. I think this quote is great for this situation and any one else in a similar situation ‘In this moment, I am doing the best I can with what I have. I would never expect anything more from any one else who is doing their best. Then why do I expect more from myself’?

doing best meme.jpg


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