Experimenting with photography

Ever since I was a young girl I can recall my Mum taking photos. She has always had a passion for it, although can be a bit of a perfectionist. In her early late teens/early twenties she went to college and studied art, photography and graphic design. That was before graphic designers used computers. She has also has done photoshop courses at our local community college.  When taking photos, I don’t know how many times I can recall her saying things like ‘move a bit this way, look that way, smile, don’t look so stiff’. She would keep taking photos until she was satisfied, some times it would annoy people at family events because we had to smile for so long and get so many photos. I always found it a good thing because I like to take photos too and she takes good photos. She could easily have been a professional photographer.

I think I have learned a lot from my Mum when it comes to taking photos and editing them. I have a decent cannon camera which I have used for special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. In my computer I have  folders of photos and they are all sorted in to years, months and days. I enjoy putting together photobooks and photo videos but I have never really learned how to use all the functions of my camera. There is so much more I could do with my camera. I’m sure I will learn more and do more one day. Over the Easter weekend, I was excited for the first time to use my camera creatively. I did experiment a bit with my distance lense although it was a bit hard to get a decent photo with the kids and I hadn’t gone out specifically to take photos. It was still good to try the lense for the first time.  I look forward to going out kid free and taking some photos of nice scenery. However I did take some photos of other things which have turned out ok. I would really like to get a macro lense. In my next life I may be a professional photographer but in this life I enjoy it as a hobby.

Here are some of the photos that I have taken.

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