Forgetful Tooth Fairy

This is a photo of my second eldest daughter and obviously she has lost her two front teeth. She had her tooth in a little zip lock bag and placed them under her pillow for the tooth fairy. I told myself ‘this time I have to remember to do my tooth fairy duties. I had planned to put a gold coin under her pillow after all the kids went to sleep. I have been sick for most of this year and had just started a detox in the hope of staying better. All day I had been so tired with a massive head ache. So I went to bed at the same time as kids did, fell asleep and forgot all about my tooth fairy duties. It’s not the first time I had forgotten and I really wanted to remember this time. Sure enough, in the morning Gabrielle says to me ‘Mummy the tooth fairy hasn’t been’ and when she said that I thought to myself ‘oh shit I forgot again’! Gabrielle said ‘the tooth fairy always comes in the morning, maybe she will come this morning.’ I went to my bag, put my hand in to find my purse and quickly pulled out a 2 gold coins and hid them in my pocket. This time I grabbed 2 coins to make up for the tooth fairy not coming last time when she was at her Dads.  I had to find an opportunity to sneak into the bedroom, get the tooth and replace it with the coins. I was waiting and then finally Gabrielle went out to the back deck, Shalia was getting dressed in the lounge room and Phoenix was eating cereal at their little kids table. She was happy  when she checked under the pillow but then said ‘when the tooth fairy came to Shalia she got a coin and a bracelet, I want a toy too.’ I said ‘well why don’t you ask the tooth fairy so she knows next time.’ Last time Shalia lost a tooth I remembered to be the tooth fairy but I didn’t have a gold coin, so instead I put two fifty cent pieces and a toy bracelet under her pillow. Note to self ‘when I go Easter shopping tomorrow, buy some little things to go with the coin for next time the tooth fairy comes.’ This is all the fun of being a parent.

Today I was still really tired and was so looking forward to coming home. As soon as I arrived home I jumped in the shower and put on my pj’s. Being on a detox there is only certain things I can eat but I really enjoyed having rye bread with hommus spread and mushroom, egg and baby spinach on top. I relaxed on the lounge in front of Netflix with a herbal tea. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that are bliss.

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