You can do it!

can do it blog (2)This phot of me is from September 2017. It was only last year I wrote about how much progress I had made with fitness and how I was back to my pre-baby weight. It was the first time I had ever made it past that threshold from having to continually motivate myself to it becoming a habit. I no longer had to motivate myself. I craved exercise and I was so energised. Then Christmas came along and it’s pretty common to eat more and exercise less.  I think that is why so many have losing weight and fitness goals in the new year. Three of my weekly classes stopped pretty early in December, the crèche at my gym only closed between Christmas and New Year. Yet today was my first day back to the gym after six weeks. I really notice how my fitness levels were much lower than six weeks ago. I quickly became tired and had to take it much easier. Having a two, going on three week period, minus a couple of days doesn’t help with the tired levels. Periods suck!

On Sunday I hoped on the scales at my Mums and it looked like I had put on 5kg. I thought to myself ‘oh no, I lost 9 kg and have put 5kg back on. It was only 2 days ago I hoped on my digital scaled and it turns out I had only put on 3kg. My Mums scaled must have been out. After getting on the scaled at my MumsI felt a bit down about it because late November/early December I had pretty severe anxiety and a bit of a break down.  I was drinking a bit too much and it’s only since the new year that I’ve started to come good but still not quite there yet. I know getting back into exercise will help a lot, so will regularly meditation. There were ridiculous amounts of tension in my body when I wasn’t exercising. I have fused vertebrae in my neck and I when sixteen I had whiplash from being in a car that rolled. I also have a pretty weak upper body; the exercise was helping to strengthen it. These things combined with stress and anxiety caused headaches but I was able to manage it if I had maintenance visits to the chiropractor. When I was exercising regularly I also wasn’t getting headaches because the exercise greatly reduced my anxiety and stress levels. Therefore, I had less tension in my body. Recently the headaches came back and my last one was like a migraine. It was one of those headaches that makes you nauseas.

School is now back, I’m in a better space and so glad I have taken the first step of going to my first class today. I’ve heard it takes 21 days to form a habit. So, I expect it will take a few weeks to get back into it but I now know that I can do it if I persist. I have done it before so I can do it again. There are few things such as upper body work, sit ups and planks that can trigger my neck to go out again. I know I have to be care with these exercises and ease into them. It is likely I might end up at the chiropractors again but at least I now know if I persist, then my upper body strength will increase and my tension levels will decrease. I always thought I had to avoid these types of exercises but I now know that I can if I work at it.

I really want to work on some health, fitness, wellbeing and creativity goals. Last week I downloaded an app onto my phone to help me achieve these goals. I can enter my goals for each day of the week and then tick them off when I achieve them. Reminders can also be set if I need them. I need an app like this because I tend to get so busy with kids and work that I forget things.  It can be hard work always finding the time and energy in our busy modern lives, especially when we have kids but I think we can achieve anything we put our minds to. We just have to really want it, be patient and take baby step. Most of all don’t be hard on ourselves. I say this to myself too because I the person that I am the hardest on, the most critical of and the most judgemental is myself. We are allowed to have a rest and down moments. We are only human. No one is super mum.


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