No Means No!

#nomeansno #speakup #sexualassaultawareness #stopvictimshaming


With the 16 Days of Activism coming up from the 25th November to the 10th December, I felt inspired to create a video which is specifically aimed at sexual violence. The 16 days of activism is a campaign to take action bring and end to  gender-based violence against women and girls. Yes it does happen to boys and men also. Violence towards any one is a terrible thing. Unfortunately I am the 1 in 3 who has experience physical and emotional violence, I am also am one of the 1 in 5 who has experienced sexual violence. The video I have created is specifically aimed at sexual violence. As a woman, I have spent my life subject to sexism from men. It is something that is so common and it is not unusual for some guys to just laugh it off. It’s not ok and we need to not only speak out and say ‘he it’s not on.’ We need to educate people, especially boys from a young age.

The video I have created may seem a bit provocative, even controversial for an anti-sexual violence video. It is as though I am saying women are not just objects, we are human beings and we have the right to say no. We should not have to put up with sexism or gender based violence. Yet at the same time I’m dancing sexy in a provocative outfit. Is it a mixed message? No it most certainly isn’t. That is the whole point. To flip the victim shaming on it’s head. It doesn’t matter what woman is doing, there’s still no excuse to abuse. You are the only one who is responsible for your behaviour and actions. No one forces you to abuse any one.

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