Taking Care of You

Some times all you need is to eat some really  good healthy food, do a meditation and have a few good sleeps. You know you will then be just fine, as long as you remember to regularly take care of your wellbeing and not continually run on empty. The rest of the world says ‘come to this, come to that, do this, do that, eat this, eat that.’ They like to try to tell you why you are bit burnt out and all the things they think you ‘should be doing’. Since when did having four young kids, working and focusing on some personal goals not be enough? Goals such as regular exercise and meditation, practising piano and writing. Add into that the kids activities and parties, keeping on top of the house work and washing, then trying to squeeze in some time with family and friends. There is virtually no such thing as just having some time to relax. A decent eight to nine-hour sleep is rare. It’s more like between four and six hours.  So pardon me if that is not good enough reasons to be burnt out at some point. What ever happened to the days where  being a Mum was considered a full-time job with out adding anything else? It is the age of the super Mum and I think we often push and push ourselves even when we are running on empty. Honestly I think I have just described many of our lives. Sometimes we just need to tell the rest of the world to piss off because it’s ok to take care of your wellbeing and it’s ok to say no. Take care of you and everything else will take care of itself. Fill a car with petrol and book it in for a regular tune up and it runs fine. What happens when it runs out of petrol? It’s very obvious that the car won’t work. We are the same but often we  forget to take care of ourselves. This is another thing I know all too well and I’ve really been working on but I think I just needed to be reminded again. When you have such a busy life, it’s quite is to say yes to some things that seem little at the time. At the time it seems no big deal, however if your already running on empty then all the little extra things can be the difference between recovering from being over tired and actually burning out. For me I’m having to really focus on ‘what are my priorities’ and ‘what are my goals’? Anything that doesn’t fit into my priorities and goals, anything that is taking away from them, that is causing me to be more stressed and over tired, deserves a resounding confident ‘no’! I have become much better at saying no, I was always a yes person. I still have some work to do with saying no. I find if I’m not being conscious and mindful with my time, energy, priorities and goals then it’s easy to become side tracked, easy to say yes when you should have said no, easy to scatter your energy every where and then be left feeling wiped out. Priorities and goals are important but so is having some down time (me time.) Whether it be a little sleep in, a bath or reading a book. When was the last time you scheduled some me time so you can relax and in turn recharge? Having a busy life and being a Mum is not an excuse. You need to make the time and if it is something you want enough, then will make the time. If you don’t want it enough, then you will make excuses. Even if it’s just ten minutes before the kids get up or ten minutes after the kids go to bed. There has to be somewhere you can schedule in some me time.  I know it sounds harsh but it’s too easy to have all the excuses in the world as to why we can’t do something. If we want something enough, then we still make it happen despite every thing else. It’s all up to you and whether you want to make it happen or not. It won’t necessarily  be easy but it’s truly worth it. It’s your life, there’s no judgement about what you do and don’t do. It’s all your choice as to how you wish to live and if you wish to do anything to ensure you are also looking after you. For me, personally I find when I am well rested and have some time out, I feel much more than refreshed. I have more energy, I am better focused, more efficient, I’m even a better parent and over all a better person to be around. I just had to have a think about what is important to me, what are my goals, what are my passions? I then wrote them out in bullet points and stuck them on my Fridge where I could see them. How was I going to regularly incorporate these things into my life? I have a calendar that has six columns. There is a column for each of the kids, a column for myself and a spare column for notes. I put everything on there, school, kids activities, birthday parties, family functions, appointments and it is also where I schedule in my time, whether it be exercise, meditation or an early night. It seems to work well for me, but as I always say, do what works for you. Below I have inserted a photo of my six column calendar and the goals list that is on my fridge.

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