When everything is a bit disjointed 2e9f8095de9bc6a4bb342a55aa31e8d9 (2).jpgand you aren’t so clear on what you are doing or what you even want. When you buy a couple of things at Coles and intend to get some cash out but forget, so then you go to the ATM, with draw the cash and then leave it in the ATM.  When you keep losing things and bumping into things. When you find yourself being tired, stressed and biting the kids heads off. Then feel guilty afterwards because it’s not them at all, you know it’s you. When there are things you are passionate about, that are beneficial to you, yet you have trouble doing them. It is much more than just being too busy, it is as though there’s some inner resistance to the things you really want to be doing and you are instead being side tracked with less important, yet time consuming things. When there’s  this noticeable gap with in and nothing is filling it up. When you are just not with it or feeling whole.

‘It is time to disconnect with the world and reconnect with yourself.’

You have become too busy being a human doing. Searching for fulfilment outside of yourself but nothing outside can fill that gap. You aren’t being honest with yourself and instead avoiding how you really feel. You already have all the power and all the answers with in. You just need to stop, listen and trust yourself. What you fear grows, what you avoid festers but what you face no longer has power over you. The first stop is taking the time for yourself, the time to reflect, be more in touch with your self. Once you do this and truly acknowledge where you are at, how your are feeling, then it makes room for all the things that do not serve you to dissipate and release. When you have dealt with all the clutter, reduced the outside noise, then you will naturally be able to focus on the things that make your heart sing. You will have more clarity and be more in tune with how you are really thinking and feeling. Taking time for yourself is not selfish, it is necessary to be a well rounded, healthy and fulfilled human being. I know this all too well yet here I am again learning this same lesson again. I guess I just needed reminding and to remember what it feels like when your are really disconnected.

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