Sin & Procreation vs Love & Civil Rights

Everyone seems to be having their say on gay Same-Sex-Marriagemarriage. Is there any point in me adding my 2 cents? I think every one has a different way of putting across their perspective. So maybe it is worth saying my 2 cents. I know most people have the minds made up. Some even have very strong opinions and I’m not writing to argue with those with strong beliefs. I’m writing to the people who are like myself, who like to consider other points of view, research the issue and then make up their mind when a bit more informed. As a child I was never around any gay people. In addition to that I spent a few years involved in the church which strongly believed that marriage is between a man and a woman and that gay relationships were a sin. I sort of agreed with their point of view because I didn’t know any better but I wasn’t set in my beliefs and open to hearing other views.  I was never the type to automatically take on the churches beliefs. I always questioned everything and some times felt things didn’t add up. I did not really get to know any gay people until my early twenties. Of course I realised they are just normal human beings like every one else. Their love in their relationship were just like ours. My views gradually began to change.

Now as a straight woman I am happy to say I am voting yes. The reason is because other people’s relationships are non of my business. Who am I to tell people who they can and can’t love? We can’t help who we fall in love with. It just happens when you least expect. You just know when you make that special connection. You can’t decide who, when and how you fall in love. It just happens, you can’t put limits on it. If two people really love each other, then why can they not get married? I am not in their relationship so their marriage has no effect on me at all.

Procreation is not a reason to say no because there are plenty of straight couples that never have kids. Physiology is not a reason either. Male and femsle procreate but homosexual relations also happens in the animal Kingdom. Apparently we need to protect our children from gay marriage. I was under the impression that generally children with same sex parents tend to grow up as well rounded straight adults. Gay parents does not equal child will grow up gay. Most gay people are born that way.  I wonder if the people who believe children need protecting from gay martiage have ever even met any one with gay parents. From what I’ve been told, the hardest thing about being a child with gay parents is the judgment and exclusion from other people. Same sex relationships will happen regardless of the outcome of this vote. There will still be children with same sex parents. The only difference is they will be more accepted and they will have the same rights as straight married couples.

The other argument is the religious argument that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. I respect that view but I still don’t know how some one getting married will affect your life and your beliefs? From my understanding if you want a religious wedding you have can have it before God in a church or the ceremony conducted by a minister. Those who aren’t religious have a civil ceremony. There are plenty of non religious people who have civil ceremonies. With legal marriage also comes civil rights, rights that gay couples currently do not have. Legal gay marriage is about more than just love.  It is about civil rights because at the moment gay de facto couples do not have the same tax, insurance, health or inheritance benefits. It is very messed up that if some one has severe health issues that their partner can not make important health decisions. Why should they miss out on going into intensive care when their partner is dying because their relationship isn’t recognised. Then if the person dies their inheritance in not automatic. It is not about God and sin, it is about equality and rights. At the end of the day people have a choice whether be religious or not. Why can they not also have choice whether to marry with in the church or not. Every one else has that choice.

This is just my opinion. It is up to you whether you take it or leave it.

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