The Beginning of a New Day

21034224_1529614677103019_4716045260897920549_nThis me in a new jump suit/dress I recently bought. I had never worn a jumpsuit until recently, oh except for when I was a baby, lol. I feel It is the beginning of a new day. I’m now settled into my new place. The kids have adjusted well. It has been a good move for all of us. I~m hoping to now start getting back into writing more blogs and even working on my books I began writing. You know it’s been a good move when you have drastically changed for the better. Some one from work recently said to me ‘It’s absolutely astounding how much you have transformed over the past few months. You look different, you speak differently, you walk differently and even the way you hold yourself is different. All I can say is, you can tell a change is a good change just by looking at some one. Without analysing their situation. Are they radiating or are they dimmed? If they are radiating, expanding and more at peace? Or are the dimmed, more diminished and not at peace? You can even ask yourself the same questions when try to make decisions or if your question whether a change has been a good thing or not. I have asked myself these things many times. Worrying and over analysing doesn’t seem to help but your answer is deep with in your gut, it is in your state of being. I have learned to trust this the hard way. How many times did I not trust myself, how many times did I choose the path where I lost my piece of mind. I think I spent most of my life holding back and doubting. I was not truly being myself or living life to the fullest when I was doing this. What a waste of time and energy it was to hold back and put myself down so much. It almost seems crazy to do such a thing. I look at my daughters and they just so intelligent, creative, beautiful, full of life and full of hope. As we grow older we tend to lose some of that. We lose sight of who we truly are and the things we want. We get too caught up in being adults, working, responsibilities. I don`t want my daughter to ever have the self-doubt and insecurity to the extent I did. oh it was painful, yet something came out of it all. I have grown, become a stronger and better version of myself. I want my girls to grow up to be strong, empowered and happy women.  They are not going to learn to be this way if I continued to live where they have a Mum who is always tired, always stressed, always doubting myself, always feeling insecure and staying in situation and relationships that diminish me, that shut me down. They deserve a Mum who is happy, who dances around the house, who is creative, who is a person with interests and goals other than being a Mum. It is not selfish, it is actually healthy. If you are happy, then you are a better parent. I thought I should say there`s nothing wrong with being a Mum, it is the most important yet undervalued job in the world. Same goes for being a Dad. I want to fight to be the best person I can be, to empower my girls and also other women who may be feeling disempowered. As woman we can be way too hard on ourselves. We often put ourselves down and accept less than we deserve. I have not only done this myself but see it all the time with other women. All I can say is believe in yourself, trust your gut feeling, you are beautifully unique, just be yourself. The amazing being that your are is greater than you ever realised or imagined. All the power, all the love and all the strength that you seek is already with in you. I spent so long looking everywhere else, seeking approval, wanting to be loved, which resulted in rushing into relationships to quickly and making poor choices. Find these things with in and you will radiate them out into the world.

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