For Two Amazing Women!

f9530cad3471846ce377af6d5255997bAfter my last blog ‘My Version of 13 Reasons Why’, I felt drained and even a bit of emotion surfaced. I wondered if I had done the right thing by writing it. I love to write and I want to help people but did I really make the right decision? Every one has been so supportive and I thank you all because it has been reassuring. Most of all I am grateful to the two women who messaged me. They shared their personal stories with me and said my blog inspired them. Some of their stories were similar to mine. One of the ladies actually went to high school with me when I was thirteen. She said she remembered some of the stuff I wrote about and apologised for not doing more at the time but was going through a lot of her own stuff at the time. There is no reason to apologise. She wasn’t the one being a bully. She was doing her best at the time. I was sad to hear she was bullied out of her group of friends after I left that school. You know who you are and I want you to know I have always thought you to be wonderful, strong, caring and independent person. You may have been going through your own stuff but you never followed the crowd. That strength to be unique, to truly be yourself always inspired me. You were a rare gem because every one else seemed to be followers. It is amazing to be so uniquely you in high school. It is still something that is difficult for a lot of people to do even as adults. I know I struggle to allow myself to truly be me. I think both of you women who messaged me are amazing and brave for sharing your stories with me. You both are the reasons why I know I did the right thing in writing that blog. I wrote the blog for people like you who have experienced similar and for people currently going through similar. I not only wrote me blog to raise awareness but so those who have experienced similar know they are not alone. So people who are currently experiencing similar know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So we are all empowered by standing together. Excuse the language but arsehole’s will be arsehole’s, the way they are and the way they treat people is a reflection of them. It is not ok to treat people that way but it’s not a reflection of you. The wounds may be deep and they take a long time to heal. Even when the wounds heal there are still scars. Those wounds and scars are what has made us stronger and even better people. Nothing or no one can take away the light with in. Keeping letting that light shine, you are both beautiful and amazing women. I am so thankful that you messaged me

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