Date with Destiny

I have a date with destiny.

When we hear the term date with destiny we automatically think of soul mate or twin flame. Many of us believe there is a perfect person out there for us. The person we will have our forever after with. Our hopes and dreams are with this person. What a big expectation to put all our hopes and dreams with just one person. We are only human and no matter how perfect a person seems, there is not one person in this world who isn’t human and imperfect. There is not one single relationship that does not have it’s difficulties, however tt is the difficulties that make us stronger and become better versions of ourselves. It is the imperfections that can bring us closer to others.  We are lucky if we manage to found our imperfectly perfect relationship, even if it isn’t forever.

There are many people who come into our lives for different purposes and there may not always be one person we have a soul connection with. The most important connection we have is with ourselves. If we look with in to find our happiness and take responsibility to manifest our dreams, then we can truly enjoy the company of others with out all the added pressure. We can truly love them for who they are. This is when truly magical connections can happen. It doesn’t matter if its for a time, a season or a life time. We are fully in the present and enjoying the moment. Just because something doesn’t last a life time, it doesn’t make it a mistake, it doesn’t mean it is any less meaningful or valid. In the end we have be around people, go places and do things that brings out the best in us, that awakens and brings us to our true authentic selves.  The closer we become in touch with our true authentic self, the more we just intuitively know what is right for us, what isn’t right and what no longer serves us. We truly know what is in our heart and from the outside it may not makes sense, people won’t always don’t understand. That doesn’t matter, we are the only ones who truly know what we have endured, overcome and experienced in life. We are the only ones who truly know what the right direction is for our journey. Our date with destiny is not with any one else except ourselves.

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