Making wishes reality

My six year old came home from school with a mini jar or wish dust that her teacher gave her from the surprise box. That night she made a wish and so did my five year old. At the time I didn’t know they made a wish. The following morning my five year old was a bit disappointed and said to me ‘Mummy, our wishes didn’t come true.’ I was in a rush and just about to leave to go to do my first aid certificate. I said ‘wishes don’t always come true straight away, you have to work to make them come true.’ Then I left and didn’t think any more about the wish jar until that night when they made a wish again. They had been really good for their father while I was gone and very helpful. They did all their chores and did beyond their chores. That night they made another wish before going to bed. It turns out they had been so good and did all their chores because they thought their wishes will come true in the morning. They are young kids and have a fairy tale type understanding of wishes. I didn’t want them to wake disappointed again. It was a hectic day and I didn’t get the chance to have a good talk to them. I wasn’t even sure exactly what to say. I decided to write them a letter. This is the letter I wrote;

Dear Shalia, Gabrielle & Indigo

We have heard your wishes and want you to know that anything is possible but is also up to you to help make it happen. Wishes don’t usually happen overnight. They take time, sometimes they might take a few days, a few weeks, a few months or even longer. Sometimes wishes don’t come true and that is because God and the angels have something better planned for you. If there is something you really really want, then the best thing to do is:

• Be good and work hard every day, not just on the days you make a wish.

• Be thankful for all the things you already have. God gives more to people who are happy with what they already have.

• Write down your wish on a piece of paper and leave it in a special jar because your wishes are more likely to come true if they are in writing. Your Mummy can help you make a special wish jar.

• Say a little prayer each day. Your Mummy can teach you some nice prayers. When you pray God and the angels can help you to feel happy, help you to feel safe, help you to have the energy to do all your work and help you to make your wishes come true.

We can all work together in trying to make your wishes come true. We look forward to hearing your prayers and reading your wishes in your wish jar.

Lots of love God & the angels

The following day I took all three of my girls to the Hot Dollar Shop and we bought some things to make their wish jars. They love craft, so it was a good craft activity. The photo of the red, yellow/green and blue plastic bottle are their finished wish jars.

I’ve said before I’m not a religious person. Definitely more spiritual. I would like my kids live a spiritual life but with out all the religious stuff. I’d like them to learn about different religions and know they all have something good to teach and that there are many great spiritual teachers. I don’t want to push anything on them. They can decide how they would like to live their spiritual life, that’s if they are drawn to spirituality or a particular religion. At school they do scripture but I’ve just changed Shalia to ethics. It seemed more suitable for her. When I enrolled them into school I had to choose whether I want them to do scripture or ethics. I don’t mind scripture depending on how it is taught. I wasn’t too happy the other day when Shalia came home after scripture and was telling me that God gets angry if you do the wrong thing. I w0nder why we have to choose between scripture and ethics. Why can’t they have the option of religion and ethics? There would be much more understanding in the world if kids were taught about a range religions. I also think ethics is relevant for every one, not just non-scripture kids. Of course this is just my opinion and I know there would be some parents who would be very against their kids learning about religions other than the one they believe in. It would still be good if the option was there for those who want it.

Is it possible to have our own spiritual journey in a secular society? Is it possible to still have the fairy tale but also be realistic? I think so, well I’m having a good go at it.


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