When failure isn’t failure but instead making a better choice

It’s a new year, so I’ve done a lot of clearing out and sorting because I’ve had a bit more time over the holidays. Drawers and cupboards never stay tidy for long here, especially in the kids rooms. It at least feels good while it lasts.  At least all their clothes are sorted for hopefully the next year. Phoenix is in size 1 and the sorted size 2’s are in the bottom of his wardrobe and 3’s are on top of the spare room wardrobe. Well it’s sort of a room or walk through space in the middle of the house. I pulled all the size 4’s out of Shalia and Gabrielle’s room. They are now under Indigo’s bed because she is currently in size 3. Size 5’s are now in Shalia and Gabrielle’s room. There’s some size sixes in the top of their wardrobe and the rest are with some bigger clothes and Phoenix’s bigger clothes in the  spare wardrobe. All the sorting take’s time but I am thankful we have plenty of clothes for all four kids. I don’t mind at all that they are all second-hand, there are plenty of people around the world who only have the clothes on their backs. I also managed to tidy the spare built-in.


Since I was clearing I also decided to do a little self cleansing detox and tried to do a 2-day coconut detox. I already knew that the no food one’s can be hard on your body. This one involved drinking a coconut lemon drink three times a day,  recommended not eating but if you must eat then a piece of fruit as a snack and a cup of steamed green veggies at dinner. Light exercise such as pilates and yoga are also recommended. I thought ‘oh it’s only 2 days and I can have some food if I really need to. Day 1 I was soooo hungry all the time. I did have fruit as a snack and the green vegetables for dinner. During the day I even had some cashews to try to get a little bit of protein. I know there can be side affects to detox’s but my body was screaming out for protein. I remember in some nutritional training I did years ago that it best to always eat a little bit of protein with fruit. So I had some cashews with my fruit even though it wasn’t part of the cleanse.I was that hungry and tired that a bowl of steamed green vegetables was actually exciting. At bed time I realised it was the beginning of that time of the month and thought to myself ‘oh great timing’!

Day two of the cleanse I woke up tired and achy. Which wasn’t overly strange because I had been tired, achy and nauseous on and off over the past week and it’s also pretty normal for me to feel like that when it’s that time of the month.  My hunger was manageable at that point but it quickly increased and so did feeling tired and achy. I  dropped my 2 eldest at a kids Leggo building workshop for a couple of hours and had this great idea of taking the younger 2 to a play center while waiting to pick them up. That was all good except it was a really hot day, so it was hot getting every one in out the car to drop off at leggo, then play center and then back to pick up from leggo. At one point my phone said the outside temperature was 45 degrees. We were all hot still with the aircon on in the car. I know we’re lucky to have aircon in the car, there are people around the world who live in that type of weather every day. The heat probably wouldn’t have been as much as an issue if I wasn’t doing a cleanse. It just added to the exhaustion. The play center didn’t go as planed either. Instead of having a nice relaxing fun time, it was exhausting. Phoenix hit a baby that is much smaller than him. The Dad looked at me in shock at first, I apologised and quickly moved Phoenix away to the ball pit where repeatedly hit a boy. The boy was a bit bigger. He was maybe 3 and Phoenix is 16 months. The little boy was very upset and I had to remove Phoenix from the ball pit. His parents came and got the little boy and took him out of the play area. I apologised again, because it turns out they were the same parents of the baby that he hit before.  I had my eye on him the whole time but had to spend the rest of the of the time running after to him as though I was glued to his side so I could stop him. I’ll just add in here that I do teach him not to hit, so before any one decides to add in here what I should or shouldn’t have been doing with the whole hitting thing, I was doing my best, had my 3 year old there playing also and not interested in what you have to say. I’m just telling my story and not asking for advice  So all this chasing after Phoenix and also trying to toilet Indigo with Phoenix in tow made me exhausted and hungry to the point that I was thinking of actually eating because I wasn’t functioning well and that is not good when you are looking after little kids. We left the play centre to pick up the girls from Lego and I even noticed my response time in the car was less than usual. That’s pretty dangerous driving and having a slow response, so I pulled into Maccas and got a fillet of fish. We picked up the girls and on the way home every one was sweaty with red faces, so I pulled into another Maccas closer to home and got us all a soft serve and myself an Angus burger.

Well was that an epic failure of a 2 day cleanse? I possibly could have eaten something better than Maccas but I wasn’t going to pull over in the heat and drag the kids around to find some healthier food.  I was completely wiped out so I did what I had to do. I was still wiped out when I got home but the food allowed me to pick up and function more normally. I was able to look after the kids for the rest of the day, bath them, feed them and do basic house duties. I was still tired and achy but was functioning. So I don’t think it’s a failure, it was just bad timing. I tend to get a whole body tension/ache when it’s leading up to that time of the month and for the first couple of days. It’s almost like I’m coming down with a cold but it’s not a cold. The heat didn’t help and neither did running around after four kids. I imagine it might be doable if you had a free weekend with no one else around to worry about. Where you can do yoga at your own leisure, sleep in and nap when needed. Wait a minute, I never ever have a weekend like that. I’m a Mum of four young kids. I’m all for us Mum’s doing things to look after ourselves, I’m all for us Mum’s having friends and interests. Yes it is harder and less frequent to do the things we want but it is possible. I have to say in this case, yes I made it possible but was it the right thing for me at this point in time? Hell no!  I still managed to lose 2kg in 1.5 days. That’s what I put on over Christmas. More importantly, healthy eating is a much more balanced and better option for me at the moment. Most of all, the kids had a good day yesterday at Lego and the play center. I would call that a win. So here I am today, I still tired and ache, but at least I am eating properly and I can look back, learn from my experience and also laugh. Especially at how I went to Coles last night to get some milk and a few other things. I paid and then was wheeling my trolley to the car and some one ran out after me and said ‘hey, you’ve forgotten your stuff.’ I looked down in my trolley, it was empty and I didn’t have my four bags of shopping. I had left them at the counter and just walked out with my trolley and no shopping.

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