Care for the Coast Christmas Drive

Friday night was filled with wrapping a couple of hundred presents, a few drinks and laughs.

Of course I wasn’t wrapping presents on my own. Eight months ago in March I became a volunteer for Care for the Coast. I am the local drop off point in my area.  Care For The Coast is a not for profit organisation based on the NSW Central Coast. It is run by Mums who have come together to help families in our midst experiencing hardship and crisis. Some families are on verge of becoming homeless, some have sick children or a sick parent and others are fleeing domestic violence. Care for the Coast Helps through the collection and distribution of food, toiletries and pre-loved items such as clothing, toys for kids, things for babies, homewares. Care for the Coast also refers people to other local services or groups.

I did not know what to expect when I first became I volunteer. All I knew was I wanted to help people and make a difference. With four young children it is hard to find something I can actually do. So being a Care for the Coast volunteer was perfect. My front door might often look like a tip but I do enjoy every bit of it. I enjoy sorting through it all and knowing it goes to people in need. Some people may drop of stuff that probably should go in the bin but majority are good donations. Whenever Care for the Coast does a call out on their Facebook page for specific things or asking for help, there are always plenty of people willing to give and help. The thing I have enjoyed the most is the Mums and friendships I have made. The Mums (and Dads) who run Care for the Coast are all volunteers and they are selfless, big hearted, witty, fun and even quirky but quirky in a good way. It is so much more than just collecting and referring, it is about community and helping to build people up.  I am in continual awe of Gina who set up Care for the Coast and Runs it. She works tirelessly and also has three autistic boys. She is amazing! .Wrapping didn’t finish on the night I wrapped, Gina has continued wrapping, sorting and getting all the pressies picked up or drop off for days afterwards.

Saturday night was my first time as part of the annual Care for the Coast Christmas Drive wrapping night. Seven volunteers worked until late at night wrapping all the presents. Well done everyone involved in the organising the Christmas drive, collecting, wrapping and distributing. Actually well done for everything you do all year.  I had a great night with lots of laughs, music and of course can’t forget the alcohol.

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