Better, worse, easy, hard? Different!

This morning was a pretty out of the ordinary morning. Steve went to work and I was getting the kids ready to do school drop off. It was out of the ordinary until I received a phone call from Steve saying he’d been in a car accident. A car had veered of the other side of the road and hit him. It was wet and apparently the car slid when the guy in the other car put the brakes on. Steve sounded pretty upset and I said I’ll come and pick him up but he said ‘you won’t be able to get through, there’s too much traffic.’ Steve said he will call me and let me know what’s happening. I called work to let them know Steve had been in a car accident and won’t be in. I had this ‘oh crap I hope he’s ok’ feeling. I received a call back from Steve and he was ok and the car was being towed to the smash repairs. It was all pretty good timing in time for Christmas. Although he only has a few more days work until he’s on holidays. Tomorrow is Shalia’s last day of school and one of the girls in her class lives in our street. So she is getting a lift with her. Besides it’s only a few days and my grandmother never had a car. I think my Mum and Dad also had one car when I was quite young. It was normal for families to have just one car back then.

It is interesting how different things are today compared to my mothers and grandmothers day. Some things are still the same, like kids being kids but many other things have changed. For example the way we shop has changed. It was only the other day my friends Mum was talking about how she made all four of her kids clothes. She said there was nothing like Kmart around. Everyone used to shop at places like David Jones and it was expensive. So she used to buy the material to make clothes. If one of her girls was given a nice dress for Christmas or a birthday, then she would use it as a template and make her other girls a dress off the template. She said ‘these days you wouldn’t bother because you can get some really nice, cheap things at Kmart’. True about being able to cheap clothing these days. Second hand clothing is also much more accessible through Facebook groups, Ebay and Gumtree.  A lot of people don’t even know how to sew these days. I’m one of them. In recent years I’ve learned the very basics of using a sewing machine and on the rare occasion I try to use the sewing machine and my sewing turns out pretty dodgy. There are some wonderful and talented sewers around today but it is more of a hobby or maybe for a home business. People these days definitely don’t repair holes in their clothes or socks like they used to.

I think shops like Kmart and Aldi have enabled lower-income earners to buy decent food, decent clothes, buy their kids presents for Christmas or their birthday. On the other hand I also think a lot of kids have way too much. Mine included. Then there’s all the technology that kids have.  I didn’t have a mobile phone or the internet until after I left high school but mobile phones, the internet, tablets or ipads and social media are all the norm these days. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. All this stuff is fantastic for connecting with people, learning and keeping up to date with what is going on the world but socially there are a lot of people looking at their phones all the time. Mind you this is all coming from a socially awkward person any way. I do find it easy to hide behind texts and social media however I also sometimes miss the days before all this technology and social media existed. Especially because I’m having technical issues with our email and my phone because I dropped it.

I don’t think there’s any ideal era. It’s quite easy to look at photo’s of 1950’s house wives and think ‘oh they look happy, they can bake, they do a great job of cleaning, they don’t complain’ etc etc but in reality there were a lot of unfulfilled women who were depressed and/or drank too much. They didn’t have the options of work and study we have today. Every era has good things and not so good things.  Yet with this opportunity we find it hard to get a balance and tend to burn ourselves out. They have their own challenges. Things aren’t necessarily better or worse, easier or hard. They are just different. I think as long as we keep progressing, stay positive, hold on to the good and learn from the bad. I think it’s probably good to have this attitude from life in general.

Steve may have had a car accident but at least he’s ok, we’ll be fine without his car and at least it wasn’t our Kia Grand Carnival that fits all  6 of us.

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