It’s A Brain Fart Type of Day

We’ve all heard the term baby brain. Especially during the pregnancy and postnatal period. Some women say it never goes. There may be some truth in baby brain with hormones and body changes. So what’s our excuse when we are no long pregnant and our babies are no longer babies. I think kids are our excuse. We are still tired, always busy and kids are our focus 24/7. So it would be pretty normal having a brain fart sometimes when we are always so busy, tired and stressed. Makes sense to me. I used to have them before kids but now I get them even more, especially after four kids. Sometimes I’m so switched on and other times my brain is like mush.

Today was one of those mush days. Definitely lots of brain farts. Often on a Thursday night I do online Coles shopping and get it delivered Saturday morning between 6am and 2pm because it is free delivery. I used to do majority Aldi shopping but find it easier with the four kids to do online Coles shop. I get exactly what I need and there’s no buying any of the exciting things in the current weeks catalogue. I had organised to see my Mum after the shopping came. The shopping was taking ages. The kids were getting stir crazy. They wanted to paint some plaster magnets that Gabrielle my five year old got for her birthday. I thought why not. So I got the box out and we couldn’t do it because we actually had to make the plaster and stick the magnets on. We made the plaster and I told the girls we couldn’t paint them until later when the plaster had set. I looked at the time and it was 1:30pm. I thought to myself ‘they are really leaving it to the last minute to deliver the shopping.’ I went to check my email for the delivery confirmation email. It wasn’t there. I usually check but didn’t this time. So I logged into my Coles online account and there was my shopping, still sitting in the cart. I hadn’t checked out. Damn! The shopping wasn’t coming and we were so out of food. There was absolutely nothing for dinner or breakfast. I thought oh well, I’ll just organise pick up for tomorrow and after meeting Mum and I’ll go to Aldi to pick up something for dinner, breakfast and some snacks.

I rang Mum and she said she would meet me at Maccas in half an hour. It’s only 5 minutes away and all I had to do was the girls hair, get them to put their shoes on and write  a little shopping list. Yep I can be there in half and hour! Well at least I thought so until it was time to go and I realised I hadn’t brushed my hair in three days. That probably sounds really bad but I really don’t look like a bum, my hair looks ok when I chuck it back into a pony tail. All ready to go, that is until Phoenix, my one year old conveniently does a poo. I change Phoenix and we are all ready to go. Off we go, until I get to the end of the street and realise I have forgotten the Aldi bags. I turn around and come back home.  I run  inside quickly, get the bags and we are off again. Well that’s until I get a few minutes down the road and realise I have forgotten Phoenix’s day care enrolment papers for next year. My Mum has to sign to be an emergency contact.  Mum rings me asking ‘Where are you, I’ve been here for ages’? I run in and get the papers and run back to the car. We are off for the third time and third time lucky. At least I didn’t do that three times. There has been one occasion where I left, remembered something and came back three times. We made it to Maccas. I get out of the car. It has been nice weather, so I’m in a t-shirt and shorts for the first time in a while. I looked down and realise I can’t remember the last time I shaved my legs. They are so hairy, d’oh! Oh well, there’s more important things in the world to worry about than hairy legs.


Kids had fun at Maccas. Aldi shop went well and I didn’t spend too much on extra stuff we don’t need. We get home and the girls want to paint their magnets. I check and the magnets are all set. Just have to stick the magnets on the back. Except they won’t stick. Oh  I think I was supposed to put them on before the plaster had dried. Also the back of the plaster is all bumpy. I forgot to smooth it out The bumps may also be a reason why the magnets aren’t sticking.. Oh well the kids still had fun painting and that’s what’s most important. Over all not too bad of a brain fart day. I have had worse.

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