Goals, dreams and kicking ass!

Is there anything you have always wanted to do? We all have things we would like to do one day. For me it’s Kung Fu. More specifically wing chun kung fu (Bruce Lee style.)
When I was in my early teens my brother and I did Tae Kwon Do for a while. I also briefly did kung fu about 10 years ago. I couldn’t remember any thing now though. I didn’t do it for long enough or train hard enough. I am not a sporty person at all, however I do like dancing and martial arts. I’m actually quite a clumsy and unco person. Always walking into things, getting bruises from who knows where and breaking things. I have broken that many glasses in the kitchen that we now have plastic Tupperware glasses. You would think it would be the kids breaking things but no it’s me.

I have done Zumba after each pregnancy. Not straight away but a few months afterwards. After my fourth it was more than a few month before I got back into Zumba. As much as I love dance, I did look awkward, couldn’t keep up with the steps and would get puffed out before the end of the class. Then when puffed out I would get this major mental block and barely able to register the steps. My brain would just zone out.

I have now been going to Zumba for over six months. During that time I was sick so many times with chest infection, virus, gastro. It was hard to consistently go to the Zumba because I kept getting sick. I am now happy to say I have been well the last couple of months and consistently doing Zumba. Now I am doing Zumba 2-3 times week and sometimes also do it at home. I am also regularly doing sit ups and almost able to do 50 (that’s with my feet tucked under the lounge. I hope to work myself up to 100 without tucking my feet under the lounge. Sit ups is a huge thing for me after having four babies and not even being able to do one. They used to give me a sore neck and headaches. A few months ago my chiropractor helped me with sit ups. I had two appointments close together and during those two appointments he assisted me to do sit ups and said keep doing them at home and with in a few days you will be able to do it. I thought to myself ‘yeah right’ but went home and kept trying and what do you know, a few days later I was suddenly able to do a sit up. Holy crap, it was a huge thing for me to be able to a sit up, let a lone 50. It is even a massive thing for me with my feet tucked under the lounge.

Something has happened that has never happened to me before. I have this inner drive to work out and actually miss it if I don’t do it for a couple of days. I am finally in a place where I can work out without dying, actually want to work out and want to do it more. That is coming from some one who always chose to write lines instead of doing PE at school. Some one who always came very last in any races. It is such a huge thing for me to finally reach this point. It’s taken 36 years to get here. I’m glad I persisted and made it a priority even when busy. I’m glad I got back on my feet and tried again despite being sick so many times. I have never experienced this before and I feel an inner confidence and excitement that I have never felt before. I feel determined and that I can do things.

My interest in Kung Fu has been sparked again. I think I’m actually ready this time. I have always thought to myself ‘it would be awesome to do that’ when ever watching awesome kung fu fighting scenes in movies. Ten years ago when I tried it, I just had so much going on. I didn’t have the drive or the ability to focus. It would not only be good exercise but may help me to be less unco and honestly I do like the thought of being able to kick some ones butt if needed to do so. I would never go around kicking butt for no reason but I do like the thought of dropping some one if they tried to hurt me, which I would never ever want any one to hurt me. Obviously leading up to Christmas, being a busy Mum of 4 and already doing Zumba, it is not something I’m going to jump into right now but maybe in the near future. It’s a goal I can work towards. Like anything it will take a lot of hard work and who knows if I’ll ever be any good at Kung Fu. It is good to dream though.

Is there anything that you have always wanted to do?

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