Who am I? Why am I writing a blog?

Welcome to my new blog. Who Am I and why am I writing  a blog?

My name is Kym, I’m 36 year old Mum to four kids. I have three girls ages six, five and three. My little boy is fourteen months. I am really looking forward writing and sharing some of my life, thoughts and even challenges. I have kept a journal since I was twelve and have a box of old journals here. I have always loved to write. There isn’t anything specific that I right about.  I write about life. The joys, challenges and even character building that has come from being a busy Mum of four young kids is often infused through my writing. My main reasons for sharing my writing is to somehow inspire and empower people. Maybe someone out there will be inspired or empowered by what I write about, maybe someone can relate to some of the things I go through. There is always someone out there who is thinking, feeling or experiencing the same or similar. If this blog inspires even just one person, if even just one person can relate to some of the things I write, then it is worth it. It will also be a good keepsake for me to look back on and read.fkp__42

I have a lot to more to say when I write compared to when I speak. I actually find it easier to write than speak. Face to face I am a bit more introvert and awkward. I am quite inquisitive, deep and I’d consider myself a spiritual person. At times I may even sound wise and sometimes I also come across as completely random or scatterbrained, lol. My husband Steve has said I can be both the dumbest and smartest person he knows. I love music and listen to many genres. I am learning the piano and go to Zumba a couple of times a week because I love to dance. I do try to eat well and exercise but I also sometimes eat too much chocolate and biscuits. Especially at night when everyone is in bed and I’m folding loads of washing whilst watching Netflix and drinking tea (or Jack Daniels.)

I am also a pranic healer. People often ask me what pranic healing is. It is a form of energy healing, sort of like reiki. Although both are energy healing modalities, they are quite different. Before I had kids I used to meditate every day but these days it is rarely.  I usually fall asleep when I meditate these days.  My other passion is for human rights and social justice. I am a White Ribbon Advocate and Care for the Coast Volunteer and drop off point. In the past I have experienced domestic violence. I have always wanted to make a difference and help people, especially people in crisis, who have experienced domestic violence, homelessness, and mental health issues. I can’t change the whole world but I think every little bit counts. I do struggle between wanting to do these things and being a socially awkward introvert. Therefore there’s another part of me wanting to hide and make a difference from the back ground where no one knows it’s me. Even posting on FB and writing blogs is confronting for me. The words come easy, I feel I have something to say, every one may not be interested and that’s ok. It will draw people who resonate. I find the difficultly in sharing what I have written. I just keep pushing through it because I think all this sort of stuff is important and it would be a shame to not do anything because I felt awkward.

So this is who I am and why I’m writing a blog. May we empower and inspire each other.

One thought on “Who am I? Why am I writing a blog?”

  1. Good start x. You’ll have to show me how to get my blog going. If your free next week we can workout and then set me up too! Good stuff.


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